BAK 26406 BakFlip G2 Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed Cover Review

If you’ve been having trouble finding the perfect cover for your truck bed, you’re far from alone. On the contrary, pretty much every truck owner has to go through this at some point, whether that means wading through piles of reviews on Amazon or hitting up every other pickup owner they know for recommendations. All of this is due to the fact there are many (arguably too many) covers on the market—and these can suffer from any number of problems. Some covers are too weak; some are too rigid; and some are even wastes of money. Other covers might work fine, but maybe they get dirty too quickly, or maybe they can’t withstand intense environments like the desert or storms. If you’ve been having problems of this sort (as you must be, since you’re on this webpage), then we recommend you like into the BAK 26406 BakFlip G2 Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed Cover.

Features of the BAK 26406 BakFlip G2 Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed Cover

Easy Installation

41J2BXjV8cmLInstalling this truck bed cover is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly clamping mechanism. You don’t need any mounting hardware, or to drill anything inside. You can simply place it on top of your truck, and presto—there it is. In fact, this cover is so easy to install that you don’t even need 10 minutes to install it. You’ve instantly got a new cover for your truck bed. If you are having trouble, however, there’s a quick fix—there are many videos on YouTube which can help you get it installed.

Very Affordable

This cover doesn’t even cost 300$, so there’s no question that that’s a great price. But fortunately, it’s also got the quality to back up the price—it’s got almost 5 stars on Amazon. Indeed, this truck bed cover is so affordable that it will pay for itself in a short amount of time. Sometimes it might seem that a product that’s more expensive will guarantee you better quality, but this isn’t the case here—you don’t need to settle for a more expensive model. On the contrary, this model will perfectly suit your needs.

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Fits Trucks Very Well

It’s true that this cover isn’t adapted for every pickup—but for those that it is adapted to, it does a great job. It slots easily into the truck beds of cars, which ensures that it’s not only easy to install, but also to remove. You can simply undo the snap clips. There’s no hassle, regardless of whether you need to take it on or off; it’s easy to do in either case. It also features convenient panels, which latch onto the sides of the truck bed.

Effective Water Resistance

This cover is very good at making sure water doesn’t penetrate inside your truck. To do so, it uses a revolutionary, specialized living hinge system, which is composed of a piece of seamless, flexible EPDM rubber that is fitted over solid sports made of aluminum.

As a result, not only is water kept out of your truck, but other forms of moisture also won’t be able to get inside your truck. Thus, you can use it any time of the year.

Efficient Manipulation

The panels of this cover can be flipped open in the same direction. Thus, the cover folds all the way forward, with the result that 100% of the truck bed can be revealed if so desired. You can access the whole bed without needing to remove the cover, which will save you time, since you don’t have to take it off if you want to have access to all your cargo at the same time. You can drive whether the cover is open or closed.

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  • Possibility of revealing 100% of the bed
  • Water resistance is highly efficient thanks to the living hinge mechanism
  • The panels can be latched onto both sides of the bed
  • Easy installation that works via a clamping system
  • Tough construction from UV-protected, scratch-resistant laminate panels made of ABS plastic


  • Users have reported that sometimes it leaks at the seams
  • There’s no manual for instructions


Which models is it compatible with?

It’s compatible with certain models of Toyota Tacomas.

What material is it made with?

It’s constructed of foam-filled, UV-protected ABS plastic, and the frame is made out of aluminum. The living hinge system also features supple EPDM rubber.

How much weight can it support?

It can support more than 200 pounds, provided that the weight is evenly distributed.

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Final Verdict

You definitely ought to consider looking into the BAK 26406 BakFlip G2 Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed Cover, as it might be just the truck bed cover you’ll need. Not only is it well-suited to different purposes—including travelling, camping and hiking trips, and helping friends change houses—but it’s also suited to varying weather and environmental conditions. Of course, you could just settle for tying your goods into your pickup with rope or a harness, but a truck bed cover—particularly one that’s solid and durable, like this one—is much more secure. It will ensure that your cargo remains safe and secure, but also that you can travel around in style. Don’t be afraid to look into this cover, as it might be the one you end up choosing.