BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review

Here is another affordable option by BAK. The Revolver X4 Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is a decent option for people who live in mild weather. BAK holds unlimited options of bed covers to ensure that it meets the requirements entirely. The major reason for choosing BAK is its reasonable prices. Unlike some brands, it takes exceptional care of the customer’s satisfaction.

The Revolver X4 is a premium quality cover, which seems to be a durable addition to your vehicle’s stability. Its Matte Black Finish matches astoundingly with Ford F-150‘s body, and low key design doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s performance and stability.

And the most applaudable feature is its high weight holding capacity, which is approximately 400 lbs. An uncomplicated operating system is useful for busy people, and the BAK’s 5 Years Warranty perfectly indicates its beneficial longevity.

Whom This Product Is Designed For?

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Wish to own a solid tonneau cover to keep things easy for you? The Revolver X4 Truck Bed Tonneau Cover seems to be a tough choice for you. The elegant look of Black Matte increases the impression of the Ford F150, and High-ranking Material protects it from foul weather.

Without this durable protection, the truck’s bed might be damaged completely from heavy rainfalls and the continuous presence of moisture. A lightweight yet sturdy frame makes this cover unique and worthy to buy. The key benefit of a lightweight cover is it doesn’t affect the vehicle’s mobility.

Key Features Of Revolver X4 Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

From its amazing functionality and outstanding features, here are its few key features that make the ride trouble-free and easier.

Five-Star Material

Quality of material is the base of sturdiness, BAK has constructed bed covers with Five-star Material so you won’t have to compromise on the quality. The High-quality Aluminum Slats in the Revolver X4, offering an additional benefit of its thicket frame.

It flushes with the truck, to make certain that cargo is experiencing the best protection without being in close contact. Textured Vinyl makes the appearance more polished and also provides impressive protection. Make the vehicle stylish and safeguarded with this efficiently designed Hard Tonneau Cover.

Protection From Weather And Dust

To come up with a splendid protection system, BAK has placed Heavy Duty Aluminum Slats with Vinyl Textured. The thickness of the cover channels out harmful elements of the bed and keeps the sunlight in strict check.

The Patented Rotational locking Rails keep the entire bed length protected from dust and debris of roads. Matte finish is naturally UV Resistant, which ensures trouble-free driving under the intensifying sun. And in snow, it doesn’t let it affect the transportation system.

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Unrivaled Convenience

What else could be more simple than folding the cover with one hand? This BAK Cover is providing a one-hand operating system, uncomplicated and straightforward. Roll up the X4 Revolver and get 100% bed access, ideal for lifting heavy-duty cargo. Its lightweight and sturdy design permit you to have access with a mere hand movement.

The Automatic Latch System makes it further simple, no need to open the cover from a specific side. Because with an advanced system, you can get your work done from any side of the truck. A quick system.

5 Years Of Warranty

To be honest, we all become hesitant in buying something costly, that’s why a warranty is crucial. For giving you a good buying experience with mental peace, BAK is offering an Extended 5-Year Warranty. In case you have any problem regarding the installation or functionality, this warranty policy becomes handy.

With its excellent quality features and helpful customer support, deciding to buy this Powerful Cover is not a hard task. Are you planning to buy this hard Tonneau cover for your truck’s safety?

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The Pros And Cons Of Revolver X4 Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


  • Lock Latching Mechanism
  • 3rd Brake Light Visibility
  • 5th Wheel Compatibility
  • Made In USA


  • Sloppy Cut

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Final Verdict

The BAK doesn’t disappoint its customers, that’s the exact case with its Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover. With its advanced features and quality material, it promises to give ultimate protection to the truck’s cargo space. The textured vinyl on the layer of aluminum slats makes it one of the sturdy tonneau covers available in the market.

The complete truck’s bed is strongly protected with the Rotational Locking Rails, and the matte finish performs excellently against intense heat and snow. And its strong seal acts as an active barrier between road debris and cargo.

Plus, rolling out design is an additional benefit you’re going to get with this efficient protecting shield. The 5-Year Warranty is all you need to take a little motivation to buy this exceptionally designed tonneau cover.