Best Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers For Ford F150 in 2021 – Top 10 Reviews

Because the basic layout of the truck bed is not safe enough to move loose objects unsecured, so given the unique concept of the standard truck bed cover, is useful for keeping things safe and giving you deeper calmness. One of the easiest ways to protect your bed without that much difficulty in setup is a simple roll up truck bed cover.

This indicates that strong authentication and features than other alternatives and a wide variety of best  roll up tonneau cover for  Ford F150 usage are available. With that kind of cover, money-saving without compromising weather safety is not a problem.

However, understanding what type of requirement the product has, makes sense to make sure that the correct product is purchased. So now we have done a comprehensive analysis for you through the best select item to make things a little simpler.

If you lack time to go through the post, we suggest you look at the TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover, which offers more protection, flexibility, and all you need to set up very quickly. This is one of our recommendations for the best roll up tonneau covers for F150.

Reviews of the Best Roll up Tonneau Cover for Ford F150

Constantly read for more detail and be sure to review our purchasing guide at the end. If this proves not to be appropriate, then read our extensive research description to make the right decision. Take a look at our comparative chart while you start to read, as this will give you loads of the major characteristics and product details.

Best Roll up Tonneau Cover for Ford F150FeaturesPrizes
Tyger Auto T1 TG-BC1F9029 Tonneau Cover24oz marine grade vinyl topCheck Price
BAKINDUSTRIES 84 x 12 x 11 inches Tonneau CoverMatte-finished black vinyl and rotational locking.Check Price
Gator Covers 53315 Tonneau CoverFast and easy installation.Check Price
MaxMate 74.75 x 11 x 5.1 inches Tonneau CoverLatch lock systemCheck Price
TruXedo 297701 Tonneau CoverExceptionally easy to useCheck Price
Lund Genesis Elite 96872 Tonneau CoverPremium QualityCheck Price
TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling  11 inches Tonneau CoverLeather-grain fabric for protectionCheck Price
LEER ROLLITUP 8.11 inches Tonneau CoverEasy to latch mechanismCheck price
OEDRO 9.8 inches Tonneau CoverTailgate latch lock systemCheck Price
YITAMOTOR Ford F150 Tonneau CoverEasy installationCheck Price

**Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top Roll up Tonneau Covers for Ford F150

1. Tyger Auto T1 TG-BC1F9029 Tonneau Cover


  • Cover with full bed access.
  • No drilling installation.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Built-in crossbars.


  • Limited warranty.

First, at the top of the list, we are looking for Tyger Auto T1 Tonneau Cover which comes with a marine grade vinyl top that is dual-coated and heavy-duty side rails and clamps coated with aluminum powder. It comes with the horizontal crossbars providing support to the cover while it’s flat and providing full bed access when it rolled which is the reason to use it.

To provide the users with full bed access, side rails are properly positioned so that the whole cover moves freely and also makes sure the proper sealing. It is convenient to use the provided front seal strip which properly seals the gaps between the front bed rails. No lower front bed rail does not provide proper sealing.

As the mobility of the cover is important the cover is a little short making it’s folding and rolling easy. It comes with Velcro striped seals on the sides and secures the tailgate with a latch lock system. It also comes with an adjustable friction system to keep the cover secure and wrinkle-free at the end of the side rails.

A very fantastic feature of the cover is that the instruction and hardware offered to provide quick installation. For vehicles fitted with an Over-the-Bedrail bedliner to protect the clamps, there are only small holes that need to be cut. It operates without modification with the Under-the-Bedrail bedliner.

The side rails are correctly positioned, not too far from the tailgate, moving the whole cover assembly towards the tailgate. There are lower front bed rails in certain kinds of truck types. Side rails and clamps coated with aluminum powder and built-in horizontal crossbars provide protection when the cover is flat and roll up with the cover providing complete bed access.

2. BAKINDUSTRIES 84 x 12 x 11 inches Tonneau Cover


  • Secure and convenient to use.
  • Automatic latching system.


  • Under-size sometimes

Secondly, we have BAKINDUSTRIES 84 x 12 x 11 inches Tonneau Cover It comes with a black vinyl matte-finished material making it hard and secure. It is an RX4 hard rolling tonneau cover that is built with a sheet of durable aluminum slats that make it durable and clean, which are the fundamental reasons for using it.

To protect the cover, the entire length of the bed, RX4 has proprietary rotational locking rails, as well as a latching mechanism to lock the cover to lock the tailgate. Heavy-duty aluminum slats protect the cover on the sides of the full length of the bed when closed, providing unrivaled strength and security.

A very attractive feature is that the cover rolls up tight when opened, providing maximum bed access without blocking sight of the rear-view mirror and third brake light. The RX4 is made of panels of heavy-duty aluminum. The 3⁄4″ Proprietary Rotational Locking Rails protect the cover all the length of the truck bed when latched.

The product’s most exciting aspect is that it is easy to use because it releases on either side of the truck bed with a hidden cord. For full bed entry, for 3rd brake light visibility, and 5th wheel usability, it rolls up against the cab. It comes with strengthened gussets for added power, heavy-duty locking levers are 3X thicker, and are built to lock with no modification required.

America’s #1 selling rough rolling truck bed cover is the BAK Revolver X4. Proudly assembled in the USA, the RX4 is backed by a customer service team based in the US and it provides a 5-year warranty.

3. Gator Covers 53315 Tonneau Cover


  • Fast and Easy installation
  • Superior quality
  • 100 % bed access.


  • No proper security.

Gator Covers 53315 Tonneau Cover is made up of Heavy-duty latching offers with improved protection, and a sleek and stylish look is offered by the industrial-strength leather-grain vinyl. The adjustable tension control mechanism is the main reason to use it because it holds the cover securely pulled in any situation.

The Gator ETX Soft Roll Up truck bed cover is proudly manufactured from internationally sourced products in the United States, and it is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. It covers your cargo when you need it from the elements, and when you do not, it makes full use of your truck bed.

For convenience and security, the tension control mechanism is present in it, and for use with other accessories, the inside-mount design allows full access to stake pocket holes.

The most desirable feature for consumers is that it is very simple and quick to install. Simply lock the rails on without a drill being used. The cover assembly comes with everything you need for a quick installation.

For complete access to your bed, users need to roll the cover towards the cab and protect it with the storage harness. A lifetime warranty on the frame and a 10-year warranty on the tarp help the Gator ETX Soft Roll Up.

4. MaxMate 74.75 x 11 x 5.1 inches Tonneau Cover




  • Modification needed

The next one is MaxMate 74.75 x 11 x 5.1 inches Tonneau Cover is dual-coated and 24 oz high duty. Marine-grade vinyl, with horizontal crossbars built-in to provide protection when the cover is flat; and roll up the tarp to provide maximum access to the bed when required. The fundamental reason for users to select this cover is its longevity and protection.

It also comes with aircraft-grade aluminum side rails and stainless steel clamps for mounting to the truck bed to provide users with the most reliable and convincing device.

The most impressive feature is that it seals the sides with a velcro strap and secures the tailgate with a latch lock device. The tension system is usable at the end of the side rails. and can be modified to keep the cover secure and vinyl wrinkle-free in any weather fluctuations.

It also offers simple installation without drilling with instruction and mounting hardware supplied. Small holes for vehicles fitted with over-the-bedrail bedliner would need to be cut in the bed liner to secure the clamps for proper cover installation; the cover will operate without modification with under-the-bedrail bedliner.

Users need to roll the cover into the cab and secure it with the storage harness for maximum access to your bed. The MaxMate Soft Roll Up is helped by a lifetime guarantee on the frame and a 10-year warranty on the tarp.

5. TruXedo 297701 Tonneau Cover 


⮚      Protection against the weather.

⮚      Easy installation.

⮚      Pretty and nice looking.

⮚      Easily functional.


⮚      Position correctly along sides rails

The next one is TruXedo 297701 Tonneau Cover is planned to be extraordinarily simple to use. It should be preferred by users because they just need to open the tailgate latches and roll up the cover. Fitted with high-quality leather-embossed vinyl, TruXport is engineered with a heavy-duty 1.5′ frame.

It is best concerning the protection and security in the weather fluctuations for the user’s car. Under all weather conditions, TruXport keeps your cargo dry and safe. Adjust the tarp tension manually to hold the cover secure and water out. Once the cover is closed, TruXport has support bows that allow it to handle several inches of snow.

An interesting aspect is that this roll-up truck bed cover just needs to be completely assembled in under 30 minutes! Clamp the rails onto your truck bed quickly, fasten the cover, roll and you are ready to go. For installation, no drilling or special tools are required. A 5-year, no-hassle warranty is sponsored by TruXport.

TruXport’s basic design is based on its ability to be incredibly easy to use. You simply need to unlock each tailgate latch & roll to the cab, buckle & reach the road safely to open. The added advantage of this roll-up truck bed cover is that you can remove it without tools in seconds.

The most exciting aspect is that this roll-up cover sits 1.5′ above the truck bed, adding to your vehicle’s overall look. It is fitted with black leather fabric that is easy to clean and would not fade over time. If it is close to the bed and would not flutter.

6. Lund Genesis Elite 96872 Tonneau Cover


⮚    Premium matte canvas

⮚    Easy bed access


⮚      Less lifetime guarantee

A low-profile, soft roll-up cover that features a premium matte canvas topper is Lund’s Genesis Elite Roll-Up truck bed cover. This cover is practically maintenance-free due to the specially made twill weave canvas. This soft Lund tonneau cover’s Hook & Loop seal provides a tight seal around the entire bed.

Genesis Elite Roll-Up truck bed cover that utilizes a proprietary latching and internal tension control mechanism to hold the top close to the bed. This soft roll-up truck bed cover is made of quality twill-weave textured material and is built to be resistant to water, mold, mildew, UV, dirt & dust. Simply rinse with water and it can be washed without the need for special cleaners.

Easy bed access is the most striking feature of this cover. On the driver’s side of your truck, this roll-up cover opens and rolls up neatly against the cab in seconds, providing access to every inch of your truck bed and your cargo. All mounting hardware, including heavy-duty adjustable clamps, comes pre-assembled with the cover.

Extreme seals to keep bad weather out, hassle-free tension control to keep your cover secure, is another important feature. It is a cover with a low profile that reveals good looks as well. To keep dirt, dust, and moisture out of your bed and your cargo secure, tough hook and loop fasteners run the full length of the side rails.

These USA-made tonneaus, built to be easily installed without drilling necessary, do not require an engineering degree to build. It fits nicely against the cab when your cover is rolled up, so it would not block your vision or cover the third brake light. Best of all, a lifetime warranty supports your Lund tonneau cover.

7. TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling  11 inches Tonneau Cover


⮚    industrial strength

⮚    perfectly practical


⮚      Short lifetime guarantee

TruXedo is a hard roll-up truck bed cover with industrial-strength, leather-grain vinyl fabric and the Xtra-low profile look of TruXedo’s signature features. To provide the best in durability and truck bed safety, this dependable vinyl is pressure bonded to heavy-duty aluminum slats.

The users only need to simply pull on either operation cable located on either side of the tailgate and begin rolling to open this truck bed cover. This roll-up truck bed cover’s leather-grain fabric is the ideal match for you for durable bed safety from weather & debris. It is pressure bonded to heavy-duty aluminum slats, making it a solution that is solid and durable.

It is built for effortless accessibility to your truck bed with a simple, one-hand rolling approach. On either side of the tailgate, roll to the cab, secure & go, you just need to open this cover. No more concerns over lengthy freight transport.

In under 30 minutes, you can totally mount this hard roll-up truck bed cover. You can also fasten the rails on your truck bed quickly, connect the cover, roll, and hit the lane. It does not require any drilling or special equipment. The Sentry is manufactured with globally imported materials in the USA and is backed by a 3-year warranty.

The cover offers maximum bed access when tightly rolled up in the cab without blocking the sight of the rearview or the third brake light. For added protection, an extra latch is placed towards the center of the cover so that you can rely on the fact that your cargo is secure and sound. Installation is fast and simple and does not require special equipment or drilling to be used.

8. LEER ROLLITUP 8.11 inches Tonneau Cover


⮚    easy to latch.

⮚    built to last.

⮚    100% bed access


⮚      Not cost-effective.

At the end of the tailgate, the OLLITUP Tonneau cover has an easy-to-latch feature that closes. The ROLLITUP suits your truck bed rails perfectly! There is also an adjustable tension device for each sheet, keeping your ROLLITUP tonneau tight and wrinkle-free under all weather conditions.

Opening and closing the ROLLITUP cover is easy. Featuring 1 strap, ROLLITUP offers 100 percent access to your truck bed when open and maximum protection when closed. With durability in mind, ROLLITUP was made. In any weather scenario, our covers are wrinkle-free. ROLLITUP provides an adjustable tension system and a simple Velcro strip to run.

Our cover is made of heavy-duty, marine-grade 24-ounce tear-resistant vinyl with built-in crossbars that provide protection when the cover is flat. Our side rails and clamps are made from corrosion-resistant 6063 aluminum.

The ROLLITUP gives you the freedom to have complete access to your bed without removing your tonneau when you are ready to access your bed. Each ROLLITUP cover uses the Velcro Brand hook & loop strip on the sides, making it easy to open and close the cover.

Our ROLLITUP comes with the tools and the instructions to mount your tonneau in minutes with a quick and rapid installation process. You are literally buying the best when you buy a LEER product. With a Limited Lifetime Guarantee, we endorse our goods.

9. OEDRO 9.8 inches Tonneau Cover


⮚      Perfect fit.

⮚      Heavy-duty top cover.

⮚      Secure to use.

⮚      Easy installation.


⮚      Costly to use.

This soft tonneau cover is compatible with the Ford F-150 | style side 5.6ft bed 2020 Ford 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019. Sealed with Velcro strips on both sides, the top is sealed with a tailgate latch lock system that holds the cover clear of wrinkles and strong which is the main reason for you to buy this.

The OEDRO tonneau cover, made of double-layer PVC, has been extensively tested for UV protection and superior tensile properties. For trouble-free installation and formidable stability, built-in powder-coated rails and aluminum clamps are included.

The OEDRO’s roll up truck bed tonneau cover offers the ideal combination of protection, comfort, and appearance for your truck. Your truck bed is instantly transformed into a 100 percent safe snow and dust-proof trunk through the tailgate lock.

It does not need additional equipment. There is no drilling in most cases (Small holes need to be cut for trucks with rail cap or over-the-bedrail bed liner to secure the clamps; No cut needed for pick up with under-the-bedrail bed liner). You can have a smooth and easy installation by following the instruction manual that is included.

With a stylish look, OEDRO’s soft roll-up tonneau cover sits on top of the bed rail. Industrial strength Velcro binds the tonneau cover to the side rails, thus reducing wear and tear, holding it tight and tight. No drilling or other special tools are needed on simple clamp-on rails and headers. You can secure the side rails to the truck bed with ease.

10. YITAMOTOR Ford F150 Tonneau Cover


⮚    easy installation

⮚    safe and secure

⮚    premium quality


⮚      No lifetime guarantee.

The double-layer PVC is structured to provide UV protection and superior tensile properties. A sleek, seamless appearance keeps the bed dry when washing the vehicle. The main reason to use it is the sleek appearance requires improved aerodynamics to increase the gas mileage by 10%.

It comes in 100% brand packaging of the factory; each cover is custom-built to ensure correct compatibility with the 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Ford F150 5.5 bed. The cover offers maximum bed access when tightly rolled up in the cab without blocking the sight of the rearview or the third brake light.

The most exciting feature is that there are upgraded clamps with adjustable holes that enable easy installation within 20 minutes; user-friendly design for easy assembly and disassembly; No tools or drilling needed. You can have a smooth and easy installation by following the instruction manual that is included.

On the end of the side rails, the latch lock and adjustable friction mechanism hold the cover securely closed; solid clamps and buckles with braces prevent the cover from slipping or blowing off while driving.

Made with double layer PVC on the top, structured in the frame with solid alloy, this back cover is designed for your truck to last. We have got you covered with tear-resistant features, flood resistance, high-temperature resistance, no matter where you are or what the weather is like.

Buying guide – Roll Up Tonneau Covers For Ford F150

Now that you have read this review

in-depth for the Best Roll up Tonneau Cover for Ford F150, you might be ready to make your decisions. Although we have already shown users an amazing range of great choices that they can easily choose from on our list, you can go through this thorough purchasing guide that we have added to make it simpler and easier for you.

For the first time, users with little experience when it comes to buying Roll up Tonneau Cover for Ford F150, this buyer’s guide will be extremely relevant and as this is an expensive investment, it is prudent to do the necessary research to come to a decision. To begin with, we will look at the most important considerations you are looking at when purchasing these devices, and then we will answer a few of the most asked questions about the product tested.

To start these are the factors,


You must go for the Ford F150 Roll Up Tonneau Cover which is best in quality concerning the material it is made up of. The better the material used in making better will be the durability. The most ideal material is PVC coated or vinyl graded top. There are also many other materials used such as aluminum side rails or leather embossed vinyl. All provide different levels of quality and durability.

Safety and Security

You might be interested in the Ford F150 Roll Up Tonneau Cover which is secure to use. However, you may also look for a Tonneau cover that is safe to use in any weather conditions. So, the best Tonneau Cover is Ford F150 Roll Up Tonneau Cover as on the edges, the Velcro strip protects and guarantees the latch locking mechanism at the tailgate and the stress system is accessible and could be altered to keep the cover at the end of the two supports stiff and vinyl wrinkle-free under any climatic conditions. This fulfills the requirement of safety for what you are looking for.


In any weather conditions, you must ensure that the Tonneau Cover you select meets the requirement of protection from debris, dust, moisture, and mold. By selecting this, your leather fabric ensures that the best match for you. Since it is linked to the aluminum slats, you could use it effectively for a long period of time.


As per time-saving and less experienced, you might be interested in such a Tonneau Cover that can easily be installed without drilling or any kind of specific tools. As Roll Up Tonneau Cover provides much simple installation by clamping the rails, stick the cover, and roll it, so that is a reason why you can look upon the given products.

FAQs – Roll Up Tonneau Covers

Who makes the best roll up tonneau cover?

TruXedo 297701 Tonneau Cover makes the best tonneau cover in all weather and climatic conditions. The best thing is you can easily use it. By opening the tailgate, rolling, buckle with safety, and run on the road make it preferable. It can be done in seconds without using any tool.

What is the best tonneau cover for Ford F150?

The best roll up Tonneau cover is TruXedo 297701 Tonneau Cover as TruXport is designed with a 1.5-inch massive frame and is associated with high vinyl leather-embossed. It proved to be best as per safety too as it can adjust manually to make the cover tight and handle several inches of ice. It is the easiest to install.

Which is better tri fold or roll up tonneau cover?

The challenging ones are safer and have better longevity. c Because of the weather-resistant material properties, a hard tri-fold tonneau cover will be pricier. Compared to the tri-fold cover, both in appearance and installation, a roll up cover is quite quick and easy. Just roll the cover out or even cling it to your cargo area when you’re about to hit the streets and would like to protect your luggage.

Is soft or hard tonneau cover better?

Soft Tonneau covers can efficiently cover the stuff, but they are not as secured to use as hard Tonneau covers. A low-cost Soft Tonneau cover is available. One is having a look for a Tonneau cover that confirms to be best in security and longevity, then in all climatic conditions, a hard Tonneau cover is best for safety purposes and reliable.


Now that you read and get information about all that tonneau cover for Ford F150, It’s time to choose the best model according to your choice and preference. You can easily choose the best model by looking at the reviews given above. The buying guide also proves to be best for you for picking up the best model by providing you with related information.

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