Gator GC24020 EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review

Gator doesn’t need any introduction, it’s quite famous for its Reliable Truck Covers. Superlative quality parts and first-class material, Gator Covers are usually a first choice to consider. They provide custom-built protection to your truck, without interrupting driving conditions.

This EFX Hard Bed Tonneau Cover is no exception. Its sturdy design intense the protection system and its outstanding quality is its elegant design which maintains the appearance of a truck. It’s suitable for a 6’7″ bed, don’t forget to measure your truck’s bed before you order this tonneau cover.

It’s a hard fold cover, submitting improved security than any soft tonneau cover. Whether it’s road debris, extreme sunlight, or heavy pourings, this Gator Hard Cover is a powerful way to get the damage away.

Designed and made in the USA, it provides impressive longevity along with excellent functionality. Undoubtedly it’s a perfect choice for safeguarding the cargo while keeping up with long-distance travel.

Whom This Product Is Designed For?

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Are you afraid of thefts or your truck’s cargo is experiencing color fading because of extreme sunlight? The Gator Hard Cover could be a great solution to handle further damage. Heavy-Duty material holds back the water intrusion, maintaining a safe environment in cargo for valuable equipment.

For your convenience, it comes in 5 Foldable Design. You can get the one suitable for your routine and liking, each one is constructed to carry on with specific needs. Supported by 3 Years Of Assistance by Gator, this hardcover becomes a safe purchase. And Gator Customer Service is extremely helpful regarding every minor issue.

Key Features Of Gator Hard Bed Tonneau Cover

Here are some of the best features of this excellent quality: Bed Tonneau Cover. This one ideally combines unlimited features, some of them are:

Low Profile And Durable Design

With a glossy look and sturdy design, it offers a good package of quality features with longevity. Gator knows you might not be comfortable with anything that disturbs the truck’s appearance. Its Low-Profile frame solves this problem effectively. It keeps close contact with the panel while maintaining a safe distance from cargo.

The High-Class Aluminum is used in constructing procedure, which gives utmost durability to this tonneau cover. Further, it’s Scratch Resistant as well, which means no damage to the body.

Foldable Operating System

It’s not a fully foldable cover, which is why it doesn’t offer 100% bed access. But this tonneau cover comes with 5 Foldable designs to keep up with your comfort. If you don’t carry heavy cargo, this one is an agreeable feature.

While folding up ⅔ towards the cab, it provides impressive bed access. Retracting the cover can be done with smooth movements, you won’t need to put in extra effort and energy. Plus, it gets locked automatically locked with its Auto-Locking Panels.

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Powerful Protection From Weather

The key point to buy a durable tonneau cover is to protect the truck’s bed from harmful weather situations. This Gator Tri-Fold Cover does an excellent job of protection, besides being a low profile cover. With the help of Rubber Seals and Drain Tubes, it doesn’t allow any kind of moisture to reach over the truck’s bed.

Whether it’s accidental rains or water on the roads, moisture in the cargo damages the surface heavily. This thick Aluminum Cover saves you from this situation. Moreover, the powder coat finish makes it UV Resistant.

Quick Installation

The quick installation allows you to place this cover on the truck steadily, within half an hour you’ll be driving on the road with this Hard Cover’s Protection. No need to drill on the body, or such time-consuming procedures.

It gives a great opportunity to buy something beneficial for the vehicle while maintaining its appearance as well. Want to know the best part? It doesn’t even need any specific tools. With some basic tools, you’ll be ready to experience the easiest cover installation.

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The Pros And Cons Of Gator Hard Bed Tonneau Cover


  • Clamp-On Rail System
  • Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Affordable Option
  • Customer Service By Experts


  • Clamps Could’ve Been Of Better Quality

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Final Verdict

Being one of the most widely used tonneau covers for Ford F-150, the Gator Tri-fold Cover is the safest choice to consider. Heavy Aluminum Panel and Black Powder Coated Finish makes it an extreme safeguarding tool for increasing the truck’s mobility and stability.

Its Seal Design holds out against snow, dust, and rain, offering the best possible protection to the bed. Installing the Clamp-On Rail System is the cherry on the cake. Which doesn’t need more time than 20 or 30 minutes.

Backed by Gator’s 3 years of warranty and helpful customer service by the experts, you can safely try this hardcover. The downside of this tonneau cover is its inferior quality clamps. We hope that they’ll get some major upgrades.