Syneticusa Aluminum Retractable Tonneau Cover Review

If you are looking for a wide-use tonneau cover that is also quite affordable when compared to the rest, we certainly recommend the Syneticusa Aluminum Tonneau Cover. This product has been designed to be the best retractable option available for short truck beds out there!

Investing in this company’s products is the perfect option for you if you drive a Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, and other similar truck options! The Syneticusa brand is so popular primarily for the wide range that they offer! They tend to cater to most car truck options. You will also find that the quality of all their components is premium and highly reliable.

The entire motto behind their unique brand ideology is to instill a sense of confidence in the consumer’s mind about their products. This is precisely why no matter what you purchase at their store, it will come with at least a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. However, it might be more as well depending on the model or the make!

If you are confused about whether or not this product is meant for you, then the manufacturer makes it quite easy to understand! As we mentioned before, this is made primarily for short truck beds. However, to simplify matters, even more, this offering is made specifically for 5-foot 6-inch long Ford F-150 bed models from the years 2004 till 2021. That in itself is quite an impressive range!

Key Features Of Syneticusa Aluminum Retractable Tonneau Cover

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Straight off the bat, you can easily see that this product has been created to offer complete protection. No matter the weather, its durable aluminum slats can help you withstand snow, rain, and damage from the sun! This is quite an impressive feature in our books!

However, there’s more when it comes to protection based on body and build since it also has a matte-black powder coated and textured finish to add that extra necessary layer of safety and security from the elements. This matte-black finish also adds to the visual appeal of the cover and that’s a definite plus since it will be on display!

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As any user can relate, sometimes you certainly want a product that offers you choices. This is precisely what you might appreciate about this Syneticusa the most! It comes equipped with the ability to lock your cargo, equipment, luggage, or anything else securely at different points. However, this can also be turned off so it depends entirely on your needs as the customer! You get the freedom of choice while also making sure that the contents of your truck bed are safe and sound!

As we mentioned earlier, this product is resistant to the effects of different weather conditions. However, it has a specialized tactic for protection against the sun. This is its UV protection that will guarantee your tonneau does not fade soon, ultimately cutting down your maintenance tasks quite a bit!

You will also be happy to know that while you require certain pieces of hardware to properly install this onto your truck, all necessary mounting hardware comes included in this package. This means you won’t have to purchase them extra. This includes mounting brackets and bolts that will become vital for its installation.

Other than this, you will not need any electric tools for drilling and it takes a maximum of half an hour of setup. Finally, with this cover, you can be sure that its low-profile design will ensure it does not take up too much space and is convenient to both works with and around. No need to hesitate or worry thanks to its compact and streamlined design!

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The Pros And Cons:


  • All necessary hardware included
  • Has a 30-minute installation
  • Offers complete UV protection
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • It is fully lockable
  • Has a low-profile design


  • Instructions appear to be incomplete
  • Installation tricky for beginners

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Final Verdict

Keeping all of the excellent features, potential limitations, and specs in mind, we digress that this Syneticusa model is specifically great for being more affordably priced. After all, the cost of your purchase will be one of the biggest reasons you choose to buy it!

Overall, we do feel that since this product’s instructions leave out quite a bit of important information, this can be tricky when you finally get around to installing it! This makes it especially difficult to install if you have no prior experience with tonneau cover setup.

That being said, the low-profile design that makes it better to work with, the fact that it comes with all necessary hardware included at no additional cost to you, and due to its 30-minute installation guarantee, we think that these points certainly make it a lucrative purchase indeed!