Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Covers

Best Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Covers 2022 – Top 3 Reviews

There are several types of truck bed covers available on the market. These types include (among others) the retractable cover, the tri-fold cover, and the hinged cover. Well, one such type is the roll-up tonneau cover. These are made from softer materials—such as vinyl or canvas—and they are either mounted onto a frame or attached to your truck via Velcro or a snap-on mechanism. These are considered a classic type of cover, and they’ve been around for decades. Even to this day, they remain the most popular type of truck bed cover. They can be opened and closed quickly, and you can have full access to your cargo without having to remove it.


BAK Industries R15309 RollBak G2 Aluminum Hard Retractable Tonneau Bed Cover

Best Retractable Truck Tonneau Covers 2022 – Top 2 Reviews

Retractable covers feature a barrier that’s made up of panels of aluminum that are interlocked together. When used, they roll neatly up into a storage canister, which is then placed inside the front end of the bed. Retractable tonneau covers are designed so that you can open them up and fully access the truck bed, but you won’t need to remove the cover to do so. As a result, they’re convenient to use if you need to access your cargo on a frequent basis. They are differentiated from soft roll-up covers in that they are rigid, and from other covers, in that they can be opened up without you having to take the cover off. Retractable covers are more convenient than hinging covers in that they’re easier to remove, but they don’t offer as much security because they don’t have powerful hinges.