Tonno Pro 42-200 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover Review

Are you having trouble finding the perfect cover for the bed of your pickup truck? It’s no wonder you’re struggling: there are so many covers available on the market, and they don’t all have convenient Amazon reviews. Not to mention, many covers won’t even be compatible with your particular pickup. Even when you find covers that are compatible, you’ll see that they suffer from a number of problems—they pick up dirt and grime easily (but r hard to clean), they don’t work efficiently, they get damaged easily, or (worst of all) they don’t hold goods secure during transit. When you do find a cover that avoids all of these problems, you’ll see that it’s too expensive for your wallet. But—all that being said—there are still some options that are great for u and your truck. One such option is the Tonno Pro 42-200 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover.

Features of the Tonno Pro 42-200 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Reduced Gas Spending

41mP2BcLEI8LOne reason you need to consider getting this cover is that it will contribute to reducing your environmental footprint. This is because the cover—on account of its low-prof design—is more fuel-efficient. Because of this higher efficiency, you can drive a longer distance with the same amount of gas. Not only can you reduce your carbon footprint this way—because you won’t need to fill up as often—but u can also save money that otherwise would be spent buying more gasoline. The result of this is that, as time goes on, the cover will eventually end up paying for itself!

Keep Your Cargo as Dry as if It Were Indoors

This truck bed cover offers several water-resistant features. For example, its front flap and coated stitching—it even has more stitching per inch when compared to other models—are built in such a way that no water can get in. Moreover, the Weathertite Q seal also prevents moisture from getting inside. Thus, your goods will stay safe and dry. All this is to say that there are three separate safeguards in place to prevent your stuff from getting wet: the seals, the flap, and the stitching.

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Installation and Removal Are Easy

41EDdryeiqLYou can get this cover installed in 5 minutes—or even shorter. What’s more is that you can also remove it in a record amount of time. As a result, you can switch from one activity to another with no hassle. Because you can remove the cover quickly, you won’t have to rearrange your schedule to account for problems with the product. Instead, you can plan your itinerary as you want.

Durable Build

The powder-coated texture frame is made of 6063 aluminum, and it also features components filled with reinforced glass. Thus, it will be protected in various kinds of weather. It features teralyne vinyl, and of 24 ounces. This marine-grade cover is double-sided and tear-resistant, so it will hold up, even if there’s a raging storm outside.

Secure Design

The fact that you can fold this cover up—as well as lock it into place—ensures that you can easily pack it away when you’re not using it. In addition, its patented slide lock design ensures that you can protect all your goods with simplicity and ease. You can use the Snap Clip system to store it in the open position. Removing it also efficient when you need to deal with oversized cargo. If you have smaller loads, however, you can fold it forward and lock it down so that your goods remain equally safe.

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  • Durable nylon connectors enable it to fold up compactly
  • High-quality vinyl polyester well-suited to different weather and climate environments
  • The 6063 aluminum frame is powder-coated
  • Rubber seals prevent water and other moisture from getting in
  • The kit includes a torch truck bed light, a tailgate seal, work gloves, and a vinyl cleaner


  • It’s lacking a solid tie on its front; please be advised that this might cause your stuff to full out
  • Some users have reported that their models were defective or stitched together wrong


Which trucks is it compatible with?

This depends on which model of pickup you have; you can choose your truck from the list on Amazon, and see if yours is compatible with it.

Does it make noise?

It tends to rattle, so it can be fairly noisy.

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Final Verdict

Should you get a truck bed cover? This answer is most certainly yes—and here are some reasons why. It will keep your things safe and secure, as well as ensure that prying eyes can’t see them; it helps you save gas, which in turn helps you save money and reduces your carbon footprint; and it makes it easier to plan trips, journeys, and other assorted adventures. Naturally, the question that comes up in such a case is which truck bed cover you should get. The Tonno Pro 42-200 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover is the answer. Not only does it feature sturdy, reliable construction, but it’s also water-resistant and well-suited to varying weather conditions. Look into getting one today—it might actually be the perfect one for you.