Tonno Pro LR-2020 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover Review

Finding a cover that’s perfect for your pickup’s small bed can be harder than it might sound. For one thing, many such covers aren’t durable at all, so they’ll start coming apart in weather that’s even mildly harsh. For another, many companies offered models that are limited to only certain makes of cars. Although they might be efficient for the cars they’re designed for, there’s nothing that’s quite as upsetting as finding that the perfect truck bed cover is not compatible with your particular pickup. Some models are of such pr quality that they break apart after only a few months (or even weeks) of use, while others are of excellent quality but are so rigid you can’t use them for much. In addition , many covers are expensive—some might say too expensive—so, even if the quality is fine, you simply aren’t able to afford them. In such cases, what should you do? There’s one answer to the question: consider getting a Tonno Pro LR-2020 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover. It might end up being the right choice for you.

Features of the Tonno Pro LR-2020 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover

Sleek Aesthetic

31YhoTrFtfLAnother benefit of this cover in particular is that it looks smooth and stylish. This aesthetic, complete with its low profile, allows your truck to look good, so that you can admire the effect it produces. However, it’s not so show that it desires unwanted attention (or thieves, for that matter). Instead, it serves exactly the purpose you’d want it to: you feel happy because your truck looks better than before, and because you can easily carry your items now.

Sturdy Construction

41rPvYn9EILThis cover is lightweight, but you might be surprised by how durable it is. It’s sturdy because it’s made of vinyl of premium quality. This vinyl is not only tear-resistant, but it’s also tear-sided for that extra edge. The vinyl is fitted over a black, powder-coated aluminum frame; the aluminum is of the 6063 variety. Combined with its stylish, low-profile design and capacity to allow you to mount other things inside the truck bed, this is definitely a great choice for your pickup.

Protected Against the Weather

As a result of its construction, not only is your cargo safe, but the bed is also protected from the elements. Therefore, you can take it out in different weather conditions, in different environments—whether it’s the cold sting of a New York winter or the sweltering heat of a New Mexico summer—and at any point during the year. You can also use it during different times of the day, either; it’s good for use at night, during the day, or at any point in between.

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Installation Is Straightforward

41rPvYn9EIL 1Installing this cover is not complicated, as is the case with many truck covers. On the contrary, it’s simple, no-drill installation only requires half an hour of your time. You don’t need a lot of equipment to get it in there, either—you only need a 17-mm socket and ratchet. You can get it done by yourself; you won’t need to a little help from your friends to get by.

Great Price

Overall, this cover will set you back by less than 300$. Therefore, you can not only purchase something great for a comparatively small amount of money—a package which, it must needs to be said, also includes vinyl cleaner, a SureSeal tailgate seal, and a LED torch light—but you’ll also have some money left over. You can use this money to buy something equally worthwhile, like a bike rack to store in your truck so that you can have new adventures on the open road.

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  • You have access to the stake pockets
  • Smooth, stylish, low-profile design
  • The cover is mounted within the bed rails, which makes it easier for you to mount other accessories inside the truck (ladder racks, bicycle racks, etc.)
  • This package includes 4 gifts: a pair of work gloves, a seal for tailgates, a LED torch light, and vinyl cleaner


  • The clamps that attach to the rail bed are a bit flimsy
  • Only one latch (on the passenger side), so it’s not as durable as it ought to be


Does the cover have a tensioner?

Yes, it features a built-in 3-hole tensioner, which can be adjusted manually.

How well does the water-resistant seal work?

It does the job. However, some users have pointed out that they used weather stripping to lengthen it.

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Final Verdict

41QDTQIOuTL 1In conclusion, the Tonno Pro LR-2020 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover might be a perfect choice for you, if you’ve been shopping around for a new cover for the bed of your pickup truck. Not only is it made of double-sided tear-resistant vinyl, but it’s also flexible enough that you can fold it up and put it away with ease, when you’re not using it. It features water-resistant features so that your goods will stay nice and dry in case of storms. Furthermore, your stuff remains safe, private and secure; no one will be able to see your stuff, let alone steal it. All in all, it’s a great choice for you and your family. Consider getting one today.