Tonno Pro LR-3045 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover Review

These days, finding the perfect cover for your truck bed can be quite difficult. There are many models to choose from—many of which aren’t compatible with your particular pickup—and you might not be able to guess at the quality of many of them, owing to a lack of online reviews. Furthermore, some models aren’t durable at all, and will break apart after only a few months of use, while others are so durable that they’re rigid and not flexible at all. Whatever the reasons for it, there’s no doubt that many pickup owners undergo such difficulties when they’re looking for a truck bed cover that’s compatible with their lifestyles. So, what’s a pickup owner like you to do if you want to protect your cargo from damage, as well as keep it safe from the bumps of the road? In that case, we recommend you look into the Tonno Pro LR-3045 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover.


Durable Construction

It’s made of scratch-, tear-resistant vinyl, and the black, powder-coated frame is made of 6063 aluminum. However, despite its strength, this cover is actually lightweight; it’s easy to carry around. This is ideal for you because, if you need to remove it for whatever reason (if you’re changing covers, for example), you can just take it off and store it. You won’t have to worry about hauling a heavy truck bed cover over long distances. It’s also strong enough to protect the bed of your truck.

Perfect for Short Beds

If the bed of your truck measures 5.5′, then this is the perfect cover to put inside it. It will fit snugly into place; it will be loose enough for you to place inside with no problem, but tight enough so that it won’t come loose while you’re on the road. It might be difficult to find a truck bed cover when you’ve got a pickup with a smaller bed, but fortunately you can alleviate that problem with this cover.

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Great Design

41QDTQIOuTL 2This cover looks smooth and stylish, thanks to its low-profile design. Moreover, it’s designed so that you’ll have access to the stake pockets with no problem. The cover is placed within the bed rails; this has the effect of making mounting other accessories—accessories like ladder racks, bike racks, and others—easier. Also, simply put, it looks good on your truck; it is smooth and stylish, but it doesn’t draw undue attention to itself.

Excellent Water Resistance

51R9MS8UM3LThis cover has several utilities which ensure that water and moisture won’t come inside. More specifically, it features specialized stitching, a front flap with a revolutionary, patented design, and Weather Tite seals. The result of all this is that you can take the cover out no matter what the weather’s like outside, whether it’s a sunny day or has been raining for hours. You can also use the cover during every month of the year.

Cargo Is Secure

Another benefit of purchasing this cover is that your goods will remain safe in all weather and climate conditions. Not only is the cover sturdy and strong enough to protect them from these, but it’s also designed so that it will stay solidly in place while it’s being used. Thus, your goods won’t move about inside the truck bed when you’re transporting them. Instead, they’ll remain safe and secure.

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  • Installation is easy and straightforward; no drilling required
  • Access to stake pockets on account of low-profile design
  • The frame has a 10-year warranty
  • This package includes several bonus items: a vinyl cleaner, a torch light, a tailgate sealer, and working gloves


  • The instructions are difficult to understand
  • The flap doesn’t press firmly enough against the tailgate, so this makes gaps that might leak when it’s raining outside


Is there anything I can do to make installation faster?

You should use an impact wrench during installation. If you don’t, the clamp will become looser by the time 6 months or a year have passed.

What kind of vinyl is it made out of?

The cover has been fabricated with double-sided, 24-ounce vinyl, and its warranty lasts 10 years.

Is there anything to support the cover?

Three support bars are positioned across the bed.

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Final Verdict

41fLcsKnSJLDuring the search for the perfect truck bed cover, the ultimate choice might be hard to find. In cases like these, we recommend you look into the Tonno Pro LR-3045 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover. It has a solid, durable build, and it features a reasonable price most pickup owners can afford. The kit it comes with also includes the various necessities of owning such a cover—things like an LED torch light, mounting hardware, and a cleaning solution so you can properly take care of the fabric. In addition, its stylish design allows you to travel around in style. So—if you’re looking for a truck bed cover that will fit alongside your desires—don’t be shy: like into getting a Tonno Pro LR-3045 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover. It might end up being a great choice, one which answers to all your needs.