Tonno Pro 42-305 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover Review

Are you having trouble delivering cargo in your pickup truck? This is a problem that actually affects many people—goods can get damaged in storms and other harsh weather. Sometimes goods can even fall out of a truck, if they haven’t been properly secured. For this reason, many drivers opt to use a truck bed cover. However, while it’s good to know that you can use such a product, choosing the right cover can actually be fairly hard. After all, some covers break easily in bad weather, while others might function well for a few months before they start breaking part. Even if you do find one that’s durable, many truck bed covers are prone to problems like getting dirty and mucky. And still other covers might not be able to fit into your truck—but you have no way of checking that beforehand. So, given such problems, what should you do? Well, you should consider getting a Tonno Pro 42-305 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover.


Features of the Tonno Tri-fold

Sturdy Construction

One benefit of this truck cover is that it’s made of vinyl polyester fabric that’s of premium quality. It withstands problems with weather and cargo—problems like storms, harsh rains, strong winds, and even snowstorms. Thus, you can transport your goods no matter what the weather is like outside. Your goods will be fine, even if you’re traveling down bumpy roads full of potholes. It also has a durable, power-coated frame made out of 6063 aluminum, which ensures additional protection for your cargo.

Keeps Water and Moisture Out

The cover is designed to be water resistant and keep out moisture. The front flap is specially designed so that it can keep out as much moisture as possible. This works in conjunction with the watertight seals, which are made out of rubber. Thus, you won’t have to worry about driving your truck in storms or harsh rain; your goods will remain safe and dry.

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Versatility and Multi-functionality

A further benefit of using this product is that it’s versatile. First, you can fold it and pack it up with no trouble, on account of its connectors. These are made out of a tough nylon fabric. However, you can also use the cover in the open and closed positions. Thus, you won’t need to take the cover out of your truck when you’re not using it; you can simply fold it into the closed position.

Installation Is Very Easy

In addition, this cover comes fully assembled when you get it. It takes five minutes to set up—or, if you’re faster, even less. You don’t need to worry about long, difficult installation that requires three people and three hours anymore. Instead, just take the cover and fit it into your truck bed. It’s that simple. You don’t even need special tools. Not every truck bed cover can boast installation that’s that simple. (Actually, most of them probably can’t.)

Free Gifts Included

When you buy one, you get free gifts: a tailgate seal, a vinyl cleaner, a truck bed light, and work gloves. In total, you’ll save a value of 69$. Altogether, this is a great deal—chances are, you’re definitely going to need a tailgate seal and a vinyl cleaner. Not to mention, the detachable torch LED bed light is going to come in handy as well. You might already have enough work gloves, but a new pair of work gloves is never a bad investment.

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  • The vinyl polyester construction is tough and sturdy
  • Versatile construction: both open and closed positions are possible
  • Keeps moisture out: rubber seals, patented front flap, and coated stitching
  • Easy to fold up and pack away
  • Locks into place, after folding, via the Snap Clip system for fastening
  • Ideal for short truck beds that measure 5.5’


  • The parts that support the bed cover aren’t as durable as the rest of the product
  • Even though it’s compatible with many trucks, it doesn’t fit well into all of them
  • The cover doesn’t lay flat on top of the truck bed


Can it protect cargo from snow?

It can hold a few inches of snow or ice, but not a lot. You’ll need to clean it when there’s a lot of snw.

How do I know if my particular truck is compatible with it?

When you purchase it, you can select the make, model and year of your car. In doing so, the system will inform you whether or not your car is compatible and, if so, which model is the best choice.

Does it make a lot of noise?

Although the cover vibrates and flaps a bit at faster speeds, it doesn’t make much noise.

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Final Verdict

Ultimately, the Tonno Pro 42-305 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover is a great choice if you’re looking for a new truck bad cover. It’s durable and sturdy, so you can use it in different temperatures. It’s made of vinyl polyester, and includes a frame of powder-coated aluminum. Its water-resistant seals, unique stitching and front flap will allow you to keep the moisture so that your goods can stay dry in rainstorms. When you don’t need it anymore, it’s easy to fold up; after folding, simply snap the clips of the fastening system so that you can lock it into place. For all these reasons and others, the Tonno Tri-Fold is a great truck bed cover for you.

Bak Industries 26120 Truck Bed Cover Review

It can be difficult to find that truck bed cover that’s perfect for you. For example, maybe you’ve already found the perfect cover—only to find that it didn’t last very long, or maybe it got dirty easily. But that’s if you’re lucky: many pickup truck owners have difficulty finding the right cover in the first place. After all, some covers are hard to maneuver, overly expensive, or just plain look ugly once you’ve installed them. Other truck bed covers might work fine, but they’re lacking in tri-fold features—so, in other words, you can’t open up one section at a time. As a result, you can’t deal with the items in one part of the bed without revealing the rest of the bed. Then there are others which look and work fine, but which unfortunately aren’t available for your make of car. So, what do you do in cases like these? Well, we recommend you look into the Bak Industries 26120 Truck Bed Cover.


Features of the Bak Industries 26120 Truck Bed Cover

Tough, Strong Design

One reason you should consider getting this cover is because it’s got a durable, solid construction. It’s made of tough aluminum panels. Thus, you can point any kind of object inside your pickup truck—even if it has sharp, points edges—without worrying if they will get damaged. Also, your goods will stay safe and dry, regardless of what kind of weather conditions there are on a given day. You can carry them through different environments without stopping; you won’t have to wait for a storm to pass, for example.

Simple Installation

With this truck bed cover, installation is easy and surprisingly fast. As a matter of fact, you can get the thing up and running in an hour. It’s not every truck bed cover which is this easy to install—many of them involve hours spent with tools, scratching your head as you strive to understand what the instruction manual is trying to say. But with this cover, you can just follow the user-friendly instructions, fit it into your pickup, and voilà! Installed.

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Smooth Look

One reason you should consider getting this cover is because it looks stylish and cool. After you’ve installed it (and remember, installation is quick and simple), you can admire the effect: it features a sleek surface, a smooth black color, and a stylish design. Your friends will surely admire it as they watch you riding around your pickup. Furthermore, the cover looks great whether it’s in the open or closed positions.

Affordable Price

Another benefit of this product is that it’s affordable. This is ideal for you because (let’s face it) owning a pickup can get expensive enough as it is, even if you don’t need to transport anything with it. You can use that money to buy other necessary items, such as vinyl cleaner refills. Moreover, the low price ensures that—in case you end up not using the cover as much as you expected—you won’t have spent an inordinate amount of money.

Access One Part of the Bed without Opening the Rest

Furthermore, with this cover you can access one part of the truck bed without opening up the rest. This is convenient for people who work within their truck—they don’t have to keep opening up the entire truck bed when you need to work. It’s also convenient because you won’t need to reveal what you’re working on, which keeps your cargo secure from prying eyes and peeping Toms. Not to mention, you can keep a lot of stuff stored inside it.

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  • Quick, simple installation
  • Affordable price
  • Looks stylish and cool
  • Safe and secure
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Some parts cheaply made
  • May start breaking part in harsher climates


Which trucks is it compatible with?

It fits Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierras.

What about the tailgate?

Tailgate kits can be purchased to deal with water leaking in. However, one is not included with this purchase.

Does it make noise?

It makes no noises, including rattling.

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Final Verdict

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a truck bed cover that will jive with your needs and lifestyle, you’ll want to look into the Bak Industries 26120 Truck Bed Cover. Not only does it have a reasonable price, but it’s also strong, durable, and built to withstand in various environments and weather conditions. For all these reasons, you can use it for many different purposes; it has multifunctional usage. Sure, it might not be the cover you end up getting, when all is said and done. But you won’t regret looking into it. And who knows? You might end up purchasing it—and being satisfied years from now.

Premium TriFold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover Review

Delivering cargo in your pickup truck can often b a difficult task. Not only do you have to deal with getting heavy, cumbersome items into the truck bed, but then you also have to make sure they won’t be damaged in harsh weather or fall out because of strong winds. Of course, to take care of this problem, most pickup truck drivers use a truck bed cover. But which cover should you use? Well, we recommend that you look into the Premium TriFold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover. This cover—which is made of marine-grade vinyl—is versatile, so it’s appropriate for a wide variety of uses and environments. No matter what you need to deliver in your truck, this cover can help you out with the transportation. It’s well-suited to various weather conditions as well.


Features of the TriFold Tonneau

Solid Construction

This truck bed cover is made out of 24-ounce dual-coated vinyl, which is also of marine grade. It also features a powder-coated frame that’s made out of sturdy aluminum. Altogether, this durable, tear-resistant construction is so tough it meets all industry standards, and the set is of premium quality. Your goods will stay safe, protected, and dry, even in cases of intense rains, harsh climates, storms, and bumpy roads filled with gravel or potholes.

Easy Installation

The cover is already fully assembled upon purchase. Moreover, the clamps—which have been patented in the US—make installation even simpler. You don’t need to drill any holes to install it, and installation only takes a few minutes. Thus, you won’t have to worry about long installation times, specialized tools, or needing another person on hand to help you. It’s much more convenient to install than many other covers on the market.

Save 10-13% of Gas Spending

The low-profile design of this cover allows you to save a good chunk of money that you’d otherwise spend on gas: 10-13%, in fact. And not only will you save money, but it’s a more eco-friendly option as well. Thus, you can set your worries about your environmental footprint to rest, thanks to this cover. With all that money, you can purchase something you really want—or just put into your savings for a better purchase that’s more worthwhile.

Stylish Look

This cover features a low-profile design, which looks cool and timeless when placed inside your truck. It looks like a smooth, gun-metal slab that fits on top of the bed of your pickup. Contrary to what you might think, its clamps—a front clamp and a rear clamp—as well as its hinge seal don’t detract from its stylish aesthetic; they don’t even show. Thus, if you’re looking for a high-quality cover that’s also stylish, this is the choice for you.

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Kit Includes Everything You’ll Need

All the items you’ll need to work with this cover are included in the kit. In addition to the cover, you’ll receive an LED light, a tailgate seal, and the hardware needed for mounting the cover inside your pickup. Thus, you won’t have to shop around to get the items necessary for installing the cover. Instead, you can focus on installing the cover, which only takes a few minutes. Moreover, you can save money this way.

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  • Sturdy construction of marine-grade vinyl
  • It’s simple to lock into place, thanks to the rear clamp latch
  • A perfect choice for several Dodge Rams
  • Cheap price
  • You can adjust it easily when you want to


  • It’s compatible with Dodge Rams only
  • If you have an over-the-bedrail liner, you’ll need to drill holes into it
  • If they send the wrong order by mistake, the customer assumes the return shipping


Is it compatible with other types of trucks?

Unfortunately, you can only use it with certain types of Dodge Rams.

Is it compatible with the Ram box?

No, unfortunately you’ll have to remove it beforehand.

Will I need to remove it?

It holds up in different kinds of weather, in addition to car washes.

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Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the Premium TriFold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover For 2002-2016 Dodge Ram is a great choice if you’re looking for a truck bed cover that’s specialized to fit your Dodge Ram (makes from 2002 to 2016). Not only is it made of sturdy, dual-coated, marine-grade vinyl, but it’s also easy to lock this cover into place. It’s stylish, low-profile design will allow you to save gas—as well as improve your ecological footprint—by up to 10% to 13%. Installation is so simple it only takes a few minutes, and the kit the cover comes with includes everything you’ll need to install it.

Tonno Pro 42-200 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Are you having trouble finding the perfect cover for the bed of your pickup truck? It’s no wonder you’re struggling: there are so many covers available on the market, and they don’t all have convenient Amazon reviews. Not to mention, many covers won’t even be compatible with your particular pickup. Even when you find covers that are compatible, you’ll see that they suffer from a number of problems—they pick up dirt and grime easily (but r hard to clean), they don’t work efficiently, they get damaged easily, or (worst of all) they don’t hold goods secure during transit. When you do find a cover that avoids all of these problems, you’ll see that it’s too expensive for your wallet. But—all that being said—there are still some options that are great for u and your truck. One such option is the Tonno Pro 42-200 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover.


Features of the Tonno Pro 42-200 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Reduced Gas Spending

One reason you need to consider getting this cover is that it will contribute to reducing your environmental footprint. This is because the cover—on account of its low-prof design—is more fuel-efficient. Because of this higher efficiency, you can drive a longer distance with the same amount of gas. Not only can you reduce your carbon footprint this way—because you won’t need to fill up as often—but u can also save money that otherwise would be spent buying more gasoline. The result of this is that, as time goes on, the cover will eventually end up paying for itself!

Keep Your Cargo as Dry as if It Were Indoors

This truck bed cover offers several water-resistant features. For example, its front flap and coated stitching—it even has more stitching per inch when compared to other models—are built in such a way that no water can get in. Moreover, the Weathertite Q seal also prevents moisture from getting inside. Thus, your goods will stay safe and dry. All this is to say that there are three separate safeguards in place to prevent your stuff from getting wet: the seals, the flap, and the stitching.

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Installation and Removal Are Easy

You can get this cover installed in 5 minutes—or even shorter. What’s more is that you can also remove it in a record amount of time. As a result, you can switch from one activity to another with no hassle. Because you can remove the cover quickly, you won’t have to rearrange your schedule to account for problems with the product. Instead, you can plan your itinerary as you want.

Durable Build

The powder-coated texture frame is made of 6063 aluminum, and it also features components filled with reinforced glass. Thus, it will be protected in various kinds of weather. It features teralyne vinyl, and of 24 ounces. This marine-grade cover is double-sided and tear-resistant, so it will hold up, even if there’s a raging storm outside.

Secure Design

The fact that you can fold this cover up—as well as lock it into place—ensures that you can easily pack it away when you’re not using it. In addition, its patented slide lock design ensures that you can protect all your goods with simplicity and ease. You can use the Snap Clip system to store it in the open position. Removing it also efficient when you need to deal with oversized cargo. If you have smaller loads, however, you can fold it forward and lock it down so that your goods remain equally safe.

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  • Durable nylon connectors enable it to fold up compactly
  • High-quality vinyl polyester well-suited to different weather and climate environments
  • The 6063 aluminum frame is powder-coated
  • Rubber seals prevent water and other moisture from getting in
  • The kit includes a torch truck bed light, a tailgate seal, work gloves, and a vinyl cleaner


  • It’s lacking a solid tie on its front; please be advised that this might cause your stuff to full out
  • Some users have reported that their models were defective or stitched together wrong


Which trucks is it compatible with?

This depends on which model of pickup you have; you can choose your truck from the list on Amazon, and see if yours is compatible with it.

Does it make noise?

It tends to rattle, so it can be fairly noisy.

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Final Verdict

Should you get a truck bed cover? This answer is most certainly yes—and here are some reasons why. It will keep your things safe and secure, as well as ensure that prying eyes can’t see them; it helps you save gas, which in turn helps you save money and reduces your carbon footprint; and it makes it easier to plan trips, journeys, and other assorted adventures. Naturally, the question that comes up in such a case is which truck bed cover you should get. The Tonno Pro 42-200 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover is the answer. Not only does it feature sturdy, reliable construction, but it’s also water-resistant and well-suited to varying weather conditions. Look into getting one today—it might actually be the perfect one for you.

Bestop 16113-01 EZ Fold Truck Tonneau Cover Review

Many pickup owners go along without ever having to buy a truck bed cover in their lives. But for most owners, this is a (admittedly unfortunate) aspect of life. Truck bed covers protect your goods from the weather, keep them secure as you transport them all over the country, and ensure that they don’t shuffle around in cases of storms or bumpy roads. In fact, we’d go so far as to suggest that a cover is almost a necessity for many pickup owners. Transporting necessary equipment—such as first-aid equipment, fire extinguishers, and others—in your truck can certainly be difficult without one. All of this leads to one question, which is (as you can probably guess) this: “Which truck bed cover is perfect for me?” We recommend that you look into getting a Bestop 16113-01 EZ Fold Truck Tonneau Cover. Not only does its flexible design make it appropriate for a large variety of purposes, but it’s also built to last—and withstand tough weather conditions.


Features of the Bestop 16113-01 EZ Fold Truck Tonneau Cover

No-Frills Installation

Installing this truck bed cover is very easy, and it takes as little as a few minutes. This is a big contrast to many other truck bed covers on the market; many of these take a long time to install, and require not only specific tools, but also that a second person is on hand to help you out. Installing anything, whether it’s a truck bed cover or not, is usually much more complicated, so you can finally catch a break with this product. You won’t even need to drill anything.

Save Money Buying Gas

A further benefit of this cover is that it will help you save gas. Because of its low-profile design, you won’t have to use as much gas. As a result, you can not only save money, but you can also lessen your ecological footprint. The overall effect is that not only will you be getting a truck bed cover that’s suited to your tastes, but also that this cover will help you be a little more green.

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EZ Fold Design Allows for Efficient Access

Another benefit of using this cover is that has an EZ Fold design. This design allows you to access one part of the truck bed at a time. No longer will you have to open up the whole truck bed when you only want to work with part of the bed. Moreover, this will keep your cargo safe from anyone who might be looking inside, whether that’s a gossipy neighbor or potential thieves.

Solid, Weather-Resistant Design

Another reason this cover is ideal is that it has a tough construction of premium-quality leather-grain vinyl/polyester fabric This solid material enables the cover to protect your cargo, regardless of the weather—you can take them out into strong winds, harsh rain, and even strong sunlight that might otherwise cause UV damage. Thus, you don’t have to plan your trip according to what the weather is like—you can simply store your goods and set off on the road.

Cargo Remains Safe

One benefit of getting this cover is that your goods will remain safe, even if you’re moving your truck at fast speeds or on bumpy roads. This security is due to the low-profile hinge and rail system, which has reinforced corners; the system ensures stability on the road. Not only is the cover sturdy and solid, but it will also protect them in the case of unusual road conditions—things like ice on the road, streets that are bumpy due to potholes, or country roads filled with gravel.

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  • Very low cost
  • Installation is fast and simple
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Made out of high-quality leather-grain vinyl polyester fabric
  • Built to last in the harshest of weather
  • Keeps its shape and flexibility throughout usage


  • Clamps get loose with time, so you’ll have to watch out for that
  • Warranty is for a lifetime, but it’s limited
  • Customer service has been poor


Which trucks is it compatible with?

You can use it with several Ford models (save the Heritage).

Does it have a locking system?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have one. That being said, you can get one installed yourself.

How does it fold up?

You can fold it up into three sections. To fold it, fold the two outer sections into the middle section, and secure the pieces with the wraps (included in the package).

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Final Verdict

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a good truck bed cover, then you should consider getting the Bestop 16113-01 EZ Fold Truck Tonneau Cover. It’s well-suited to many different uses, thanks to its solid construction, weather-resistant features, and multifunctional usage. You can even use it in places where the weather is harsh and intense; it will continue to function solidly, all the way through. This cover also features simple installation, a limited lifetime warranty to protect you in case of defective products, and mounting hardware that is included with the purchase. So, you need to consider this product. It might be the perfect cover for your truck bed.