TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review

Here is the last and outstanding option for truck owners. The TruXedo Sentry Bed Tonneau Cover is a perfect alternative for expensive covers, even so, it’s available at a reasonable price and its sturdy features are compatible with expensive ones. TruXedo is an underrated brand, besides offering excellent quality covers it doesn’t get much appreciation.

Customers are quite happy with this Sentry Hard Rolling Cover and recommend it over any other. Want to know why? From its High-quality Material to the 3 Years Of Warranty, it doesn’t leave any room for concerns and second thoughts. With its unlocking cable to its one-handed operating system, the brand’s innovative approach is visible clearly.

Not only innovative, but TruXedo has also taken certain steps to keep up with the customer’s comfort. In day-to-day life, with this hard tonneau cover, you’ll be experiencing comfort-filled moments with Zero Hectic Tasks of locking and unlocking the cover.

Whom This Product Is Designed For?

Are you a busy person? If yes, then the Sentry Hard Tonneau Cover could be a good friend for your truck. Its most applaudable feature has to be its Simple Operating System, opening and locking the cover is uncomplicated. Ideal for beginners and busy people.

Quick Installation and a simple operating system ultimately combine your ease. Whether you want replacement parts or guidance with other major difficulties, its Helpful Customer Service is going to be your friend in need. They do not make the lightweight frame with light quality, high-class material keeps its sturdiness undoubted.

Key Features Of TruXedo Sentry Bed Tonneau Cover

We can easily dedicate the complete article to its superlative features, but for now, let’s limit it down to some Major Key Features of the Sentry Tonneau Cover.

Industrial Standard Vinyl

Manufactured with Industrial Standard and Leather-Grain Vinyl Fabric, this hard bed cover keeps the protection game ahead. It gives the exact protection of high aluminum slats, ideal for people who don’t want something heavyweight.

The Black Matte Finish provides an impressive look to the truck, increasing its serving life as well. The best thing is it keeps the low profile, ensuring that the vehicle’s mobility won’t be overflowing. Plus, because of its lightweight frame, it doesn’t disturb the inner system.

Practical Approach

Do you haul large cargo daily? The Sentry Bed Cover has come up with a suitable and simple solution, the One-handed Operating System. Whenever you want to get access to the bed, roll up the cover with one hand and it is smooth retracting won’t let you feel the need of putting in more effort.

Unlocking the cover could be a time-consuming problem, with this Well-Structured tonneau cover unlocking the cover from either side of the truck. The secure and steady experience of transportation.

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No Drill Installation

Drilling on the body of a truck can severely harm the paint and durability of the truck. As mentioned, this tonneau cover doesn’t require any drilling equipment for proper installation. With no specific tools and drilling holes on the truck’s body, you can place it and have ideal protection from rugged weather and debris.

You don’t have to spend extra money and time, just clamp the rails on the bed and attach the cover. Within 30 minutes you’ll be ready with your vehicle.

Protection With Years Of Warranty

Giving exceptional protection from tough weather such as heavy rainfall and rushing winds, the Sentry Bed Cover maximizes the truck’s shelf life. Driving in intense sunlight couldn’t be more comfortable. The UV Resistant Exterior cover protects the cargo excellently.

TruXedo is offering excellent functionality with an entirely 3 Years Of Warranty. Backed by USA-based customer support, this tonneau cover intends to provide you with exceptional quality protection along with beneficial features.

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The Pros And Cons Of TruXedo Sentry Bed Tonneau Cover


  • Great Value For Money
  • Hectic Free Installing
  • Roll-Up Truck Bed
  • Doesn’t Block Third Brake Light And Rear View


  • Can’t Be Rolled Up For Long

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Final Verdict

The Sentry Hard Cover is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a powerful cover at a reasonable price. Its Heavy-Duty material ensures to give the truck’s bed needed protection from thefts and weathers.

Its undemanding operating system is all we need in our busy lives. In the center of the cover, you’ll have an extra latch for additional security purposes. Unlike some other covers, while rolling up it doesn’t block the rearview and third brake light. So you’ll drive safely.

No drill installation is an additional benefit along with splendid features, installing this tonneau cover is uncomplicated and can be done within 30 Minutes. Lastly, 3 years of warranty and helpful customer service are available to ease up with your comfort. Don’t roll up the cover for too long, it may affect the smooth mobility of the retractable cover.