Tyger Auto TG-BC3D1011 Tri-Fold Pickup Tonneau Cover Review

It can be difficult to find the perfect cover for your pickup truck, and for a number of reasons: maybe you’ve found one with a good price, but which isn’t durable; maybe you can’t find one that’s compatible with your truck; maybe you don’t know what kind of cover you’d prefer. And this isn’t even counting the problems that might occur when you find a great cover that would be perfect for your truck—only to find that it’s not available in your area. Thus, when you’re faced with problems like these, we’d like to recommend—for those of you who drive a Dodge Ram—that you look not the Tyger Auto TG-BC3D1011 Tri-Fold Pickup Tonneau Cover. This cover is stylish, strong and sturdy, and you can fold it up and travel with an open truck bed, if you so desire. Moreover, this durable cover is easy to install, and it comes with well-explained directions that will help you get it set up easy as pie. Because of all these reasons, it’s a good choice for many Ram owners.

Features of the Tyger Auto TG-BC3D1011 Tonneau Cover

Installation is Quick and Easy

Installing products are usually never easy—but this truck bed cover is about as close as you get to ease of installation. Working with the user-friendly instructions, you can get it installed inside your pickup in an hour at most. You don’t even need to use handyman’s tools, let alone drill any holes into your truck bed. Instead, you only need to follow the instructions, give up an hour or so of your time, and that’s it. Mission accomplished!


Very Affordable

This cover is inexpensive, and as such will guarantee you a lot of bang for your buck. Thanks to its low price, you can spend your money on the things you’ll need for the cover, such as vinyl cleaner refills. Furthermore, this is good because—if you don’t end up using the cover as much as you thought you would—you won’t have spent too much money. Thus, if you want an affordable pickup truck bed cover, this is definitely the choice for you.

This cover is great in part because it doesn’t cost a lot. Thanks to its affordable price, you can use the money left over to pay for other truck-related expenses, such as vinyl cleaner refill. You won’t be wasting any money when you’re purchasing this truck bed cover. Plus, even if you discover that the cover isn’t fully to your liking, then you won’t feel so bad, because you didn’t spend so much money on it.

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Use Less Gas

This cover is advantageous because you can improve your ecological footprint. This is because (as a result of its low-profile design) the cover is more fuel-efficient, and as such you’ll get more mileage from the same amount of gas. In a world where most pickups still use fossil fuels, that’s definitely a bonus. Plus, it’s a great way of saving money that otherwise you would’ve spent on gasoline. How many other pickup truck pieces can boast the possibility to reduce your environmental footprint?

Solid Build

This cover is also ideal because of its solid, sturdy construction. It is durable enough that it can support different kinds of weather, including rain, storms, snowfalls, and harsh sunlight. Your goods will stay protected regardless of said weather, and as a result you’ll easily be able to transport them across a variety of environments. Moreover, it’s also resistant to scratches, so objects that have sharp, pointed tips won’t be able to damage it.

Stylish low-profile design

Not only is this model’s low-profile design better for the environment, but it’s also advantages because it’s inconspicuous. No one will come after your truck looking for “treasure”—or (perhaps even worse?) judging you in their heads because you have a flashy truck bed cover. This cover might seem simple, but—in addition to being well-designed—it’s also secure, efficient, and has high stability. Moreover, the more straightforward appearance will appeal to many truck drivers.

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  • It’s quick and easy to install
  • Solid, durable construction
  • Has seals so that moisture doesn’t get in
  • Is packaged with a kit for mounting
  • Save up to 13% money on gas
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Clips for installation are inexpensively made
  • The company should provide you with more weather stripping
  • Instructions can be difficult to understand


Which models is it compatible with?

It’s compatible with several models of the Dodge Ram.

Does it resist against water leaking in well?

Yes. As a matter of fact, no water leaks in at all, thanks to the weather seals that are packaged alongside the purchase.

Is it compatible with the Ram box?

No, unfortunately it isn’t.

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Final Verdict

There are various reasons you need a cover for the bed of your pickup truck. First and foremost, you can use them to save gas—and, by extension, money. But not only will a cover improve your ecological footprint: they also ensure the safety of your cargo (so that no one can peek inside, see something they like, and make off with it); protect your goods from the weather and climate conditions, and ensure that your stuff remains private. Of course, none of this really answers the question you came to this webpage for—namely, “Which tonneau cover should I get?” The answer to this question is the Tyger Auto TG-BC3D1011 Tri-Fold Pickup Tonneau Cover. It’s solid and sturdy, features water-resistant capacities, and comes packaged with a mounting kit. You should consider getting one—you won’t regret it.